3 Different Prospecting Approaches

I was listening to the Morning Miracle this morning and learned 3 different people approaches that will help you invite more people to your product or opportunity. These work good after you had a brief conversation about them finding out a little about their pain and how you might be able to help.

The first prospecting approach is called market research approach. Say you sell weight loss pills. You could say that you just came out with this new pill that is supposed to help you lose weight. Are are open to trying a sample to see how it works for you or are you willing to try a bottle since we offer a 60 day empty bottle guaranteed?

The second prospecting approach is called the you said approach. You could be having a conversation or had a conversation about fitness and your prospect said, “yeah, I’ve been jogging a few times a week and don’t seem to be shedding any pounds.” Now you can bring it up that they said it and ask if they would be open to trying your weight loss accelerator pill that people are having daily success with.

The last prospecting approach is the sincere complement approach. Find something that you admire about them. You want to be real and genuine about it as well. After they respond you can say something like, “You know I think you would be great at this opportunity I’m in. Are you open to checking it out?” You always want to give them an out so there is not any pressure.

I hope you got value from these 3 different prospecting approaches. Please feel free to like and share if you did.


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