3 Qualities Of Top Sales Pros

In this article I break down the 3 Qualities of Top Sales Pros…

In order to be highly successful, you must look at what qualities successful people have!

Did you know that the top 20% of the top sales professionals make 80% of the total sales?

The first thing that the top 20% have is ambition. Top pales pros have to be motivated to wake up and make money. I know a lot of people that mean well but just don’t have what it takes to drive a business. The only thing that costs a company money is losing sales. Paying your janitors, accountants, sales reps, and managers don’t cost money, losing sales do. If you lost the sale, you lost money! It might be a little repetitive but you have to say things 9 times before some people hear it once. You have to be hungry for it. You have to be willing to make the follow ups. Only 25% of sellers make a follow up call and sometimes it takes 10 follow ups to close the deal.


The Second thing the top 20% have is the ability to overcome fear. You can’t be afraid of rejection. If you go for No’s, you have to get Yes’s. There is a direct correlation between yes’s and no’s. Mark Twain says, “In order to get rid of fear, do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.” It is good practice to pick up business cards and cold call them. For one, you don’t know them so they would say you tried to sell them something who knows, you might just have the solution they were looking for. If you do it enough, you will find someone that will buy from you.

The third quality the top 20% of top sales pros have is that they have made a total commitment to success. If you hang in long enough, it is inevitable that you will get good results. If you give up, you have absolutely no chance. The key is to be consistent. Whether you do videos, blog, make phone calls… do it everyday. You might think you are not getting any traction, but people are always watching. It only takes a spark to start a wildfire. You can build an empire if you stay at it!


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Michael Faller

Top Sales Pros

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