15 Places To Share Content

This Articles explains 15 places to share content to get more traffic to your content and website!

Facebook Facebook is an awesome place to share your content! Over 2 billion people are on this website so you can gain a lot of expousure. I don’t like to post my links on my wall but rather on my fan pages and targeted groups that have something to do with the topic. If my article is about aquarium maintence, i would post it in goldfish groups, monster fish groups, etc.
Twitter Twitter is another good site. You can get a lot of views using hash tages that are congruent with your content.
Linkedin Linkedin is a good site to connect with people on a professional level. The same with facebook where you can also share in groups that relate to your content.
Stumbleupon Stumbleupon is a pretty interesting site. People sign up and select topics that interest them. As you add your content, you select the topic it goes into. You can also add some tags to help as well. Then as people hit the “stumble” button, some will land on your page and can thumbs up or thumbs down your site.
Youtube Youtube is another key power player as far as traffic goes. You can make videos about the topic of your content and in the description lead them to your website. You can even do a call to action saying you can learn more about the topic at my website entered below.
Pinterest Pinterest is all about marketing with pictures! You can create cool graphics on Canva.com or Picmonkey.com When you upload them, you can add the website they are associated with so people go there when they click.
Yahoo Answers You can go to Yahoo Answers and research questions that your content has the answers for and post the link in the comments.
Instagram Instagram is similar to Pinterest where you are marketing with pictures. You can make graphics and upload them on your cell phone. You can edit your profile with the link to your website or put a link or call to action in the description of the photo.
Quora Quora is a community question and answer site. Again, you search for questions your content answers.
Reddit Reddit is an interesting site, you post your link and the more people like, comment or share, the higher it ranks on thier websites. Also, the more you post the more karma points you earn to help you.
Tumblr Tumblr is an easy social network where you can share your links, photos or videos.
Google+ Google plus is a powerful tool for sharing your content. Especially Youtube and Blogger because google loves google and will skyrocket your search results.
Delicious Delicious is a simple link sharing platform where you upload your link and people can view and share it.
Bizsugar Bizsugar is a community of small business owners and entrepenuers sharing thier articles, tips and tricks.
Digg Digg is a site where you can submit your link. People can like your Digg and share it on other social media sites.

PS, as a bonus you can submit link to Google, Yahoo and Bing. Also, you can add your link to Indexkings and Pingler to get backlinks on your content.

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