3 Reasons To Have A Home Based Business

In this post, I breakdown 3 Reasons to have a home based business. It is just as hard and challenging as starting a brick and mortar or mobile business, but definitely has it’s perks! Besides from being home a lot, here are some awesome reasons to start a business from home…

1. Time Freedom: You can work when ever you want! Granted at the beginning you should be working all the time. You can take breaks when you want for as long as you need. You can run to the store or make a sandwich and not have any pressure.

2. Tax Benefits: You get some great tax perks owning a business! I am not a tax pro but these are just a few things I picked up over the years. It actually makes dollars to own a home based business. If your business costs $100 a month and you can deduct $200 to $300 a month, it makes sense. You get to claim a room in your house to use as an office and deduct. You can deduct samples, phone, vehicles, business fees, miles and more! You can actually save a substantial amount on your taxes owning a business.

3. Help Others: You get to experience the fulfilling task of helping others. There’s an old saying, you get what you want by helping other’s get what they want. Set out to solve people’s problems and you can solve your problems too. Nothing like going to sleep knowing you accomplished something great. The more value your offer to your clients, the more money you can make.

If you are looking to start your own business and save on your taxes, click here.

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