But I Don’t Have Any Money

But I don’t have any money…

If you done any type of selling, i’m sure you heard this praise before. People don’t like to be sold, but they to buy. Most of the time when people tell you this, they really do have the money. Rich people buy things that make them money, poor people buy things that waste it. If they do not have it, ask them when they will and schedule an appointment to call them back. There are a lot of ways to come up with the money to start a business. Have a yard sale, do yard work, cancel your cable, sell your TV, stop eating out, etc.

If someone said, i’m selling my RV with 100 miles on it for $2000 and it is worth 45,000. You would find a way to make that money and profit 30k or 40k. A business is the same philosophy, you have to invest x to earn y. There is no shortage of money, they actually print new money everyday. It tends to be riskier not trying to own a business, your chance of making more money and living the lifestyle you want are greatly reduced.

If you got insight into ways to overcome this objection, please share or comment.

PS If you are debating a home business, here are 3 good reasons to have one!

To Your Success!

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