Outsourcing For Your Business

The more money you have…
The more you value your time.

As you start to generate revenue for your business
There are things you do regularly that you can pay
others to do for you. The whole idea is to make your
life simpler by concentrating on the things you do best.

There are things that may eat up a good portion of your
day that you can pay people to do rather cheaply…
You should be able to do the things that you do best
and let others handle the rest. The goal is to make
your life the most efficient as possible.

There are a few websites out there that I use for
outsourcing my business. If I need articles or emails
written I use 123employee.com If I need an assistant or
somebody to check pricing or other everyday task,                               I use Odesk.com If it is a one time deal like creating                           a cover picture or presentations etc, I use Fiverr.com

All of these are helpful in giving me more time to hang out or do things
for my business that I personally need to do because

Time is the ultimate treasure. If you have any additional                      suggestions or experiences, please feel free to add it to                         the comments.

Please share if you found this helpful!

To your future!


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