What Is Attraction Marketing

In this section I break down what Attraction Marketing actually is and how Attraction Marking works.  In a nutshell, all Attraction Marketing is creating value and getting it out there to a target audience.  One key thing to remember is there is always someone that knows less about a topic than you do. As long as you are teaching, someone will learn from you.




If you need to content to teach, listen to podcasts, read, watch videos, talk to people. There are tons of ways to get information.  Next you have to share it and the best way is make a blog post and share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiiter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, Youtube, and any other social media.   You can spin your content around and re-purpose it. Make a video about it (youtube,vimeo), create a powerpoint (slideshare), email it to your list to make your audience fall in love with you and your value that makes you a credible expert! If you feel like you learned anything, please feel free to comment and share!

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