Direct Sales Prospecting -Rapport vs. Speed

Direct Sales Prospecting is a key component to growing your business in any direct sales or network marketing position.  Unless you are a ninja at marketing, you will need to learn how to prospect.  I was listening to Ray Higdon, a well known coach in the industry talk about this the other day and wanted to share it with you.   Keep in mind that there is not necessarily a right answer.  There are people that have built empires using rapport and others that have used speed.

When you do Direct Sales Prospecting using rapport, there are a lot of factors in making it run efficiently.  You have to be charismatic and know when to pop the question.  If you wait too long, people may be offended you spent all this time conversing so you can pitch them.  If you do it too soon, they may think that the conversation was just for commission so it can tend to be a tough to judge when the timing is to ask if they are open.

Doing Direct Sales Prospecting using speed, the process is less complication.  You reach out to people introducing yourself.  Pay them a compliment or find a common area. Then ask something like, “I don’t know if you are open to looking a side project that may not interfere with what you are currently doing.  If not, no big deal.  If so, i’d be more than happy to send you some information. ” This will make you not look good but at the same time, it does make people realize that this is something that is simple enough that I can potentially do too.

I feel like there are more people like myself that more on the introvert side, so using speed is a better fit for them.  If more people fit this category, it is definitely duplicates better.  The big factor is TIME spent.  You can cover more ground using the speed direct sales prospecting technique.  There was a insurance company that did door to door sales. The company would drop people off in neighborhoods and have them go around giving presentations.  This worked ok, but the decided to change the approach and just go around asking, “hey, do you need insurance?” Sales for the company went up and they covered more ground faster.  If you awesome building rapport and know when to ask, rock and roll!


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