What Is Taprooting

What is taprooting in network marketing?  Taprooting is a method of helping your recruit tap into their network of people. Taprooting is the art of working through people.  When you sign someone up, you want to grab a list of 5-10 people from them that they feel would be a good addition to the team.  Along with this short list you want an adjective or two describing them such as smart, business savvy, incredible mom etc…

What Is Taprooting






Now you can call them and say that you are a friend of the recruit and that you are expanding your company in their area.  They mentioned you own your own business and thought that maybe you would be a good fit.  If you are open, I can send you over a video explaining what we do.  If not, no big deal.  If they say yeah, that sounds great. Confirm a time to follow up with them. Now when you sign them up and do the same thing with them.

what is taprooting? Taprooting is a great way to get your team into momentum.  Taprooting is basically working through people to find people. As long as you keep the ball rolling, it is essentially a way to never run out of people to talk to.  If you keep at it everyday, you can experience your team going off like fireworks.  The key is staying active and consistent with this approach.  Once you take your foot off the gas you will feel it.  Yes, Newton’s Law works in network marketing as well.


I hope this helps you understand what taprooting is and how it can help you grow your business.

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